Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Membership Policy

AWN has two types of memberships.

  •  Individual members
  •  NGO’s

 Individual member or (Uzwet Enfiradi) is almost all women from high rank to house wives. They are Member of Parliament, politicians, teachers, students, and house wives.

The second type of member is NGOs. Only those NGOS have the right to be member of the network whom are registered with MoECON and MoJ and working for the right of

Criteria of getting individual membership

  •  All individual members must be women
  •  All individual members must be committed to the women and children rights.
  •  All individual members of the Network should not misuse the name of the Network address to use for personal benefit.
  • Those individual members who have included political parties are the right candidate for membership of the Executive and Advisory Board.

Criteria for NGOs Membership

  •  All member organizations must be registered with the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Justice.
  •  All member agencies have formal occasions to represent the network.
  •  All member organizations must obey the principles and statutes of the Network.
  • All members have a voice in defense of women's rights organizations overseas collective shout.
  •  All member organizations and individual members of the network must pay their annual fees.
  •  All member organizations and individual members are obliged to follow to complete the registration process.

Membership and Registration Process.

  •  For joining the membership of this Network those who have mentioned criteria can join the network and can come across the form from the AWN Head Office or AWN website.
  • Registration must be completed according to the instructions form of all sectors
  •  Individual members for joining should have their photograph (passport size) and filled form should submit to head office or regional offices.

 Annual dues for membership for individual members is 120 Afghan Afghani and for NGOs are 2500 and should have completed form, copy of work permit from the Ministry of Justice and the Economy or can Join Face Book.

Below are links of AWN's membership forms:

NGO's form

Individual form