Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Networking and Coordination

Networking Department struggles to develop and maintain contacts and nation-wide connections with a variety of key governmental, non-governmental, international and UN agencies to share experience, coordinate actions, exchange opinions, explore funding opportunities, identify sources of technical expertise, and enlarge the network of women activists and advocates.
The specific responsibility of this Network is not only bound to the internal office work of AWN but also it is serviceable to the individual members, its member institutions and all afghan women and is committed to work tirelessly in this field.
 It also should be noted that the Networking department plans to make available better services, Facilitation of specific programs to strengthen ties between network members, announcements and News for their welfare, Post and promote news about the women and children in Afghanistan to everyone, explain the need information to members, strong relationship with the press through introduction of women's in roundtables, Interviews, Radio and Television programs for the opinions and positions of women to provide feedback and status of women, coordinating network activities related to capacity building activities for women and has a job to do deals without delay.
This department arrange monthly coordination meeting in order to share network activity during the month, and issues that to community members.
Registration of network members, membership renewals and database count as another responsibility of this section.
Currently representing 121 NGOs and over 5,000 individual members that firms and doing activities in various sectors as the example of Health, education, capacity building, media advocacy, coordination, environmental awareness, human rights, having safe houses, kindergartens And legal institutions, economic empowerment of women, peace, gender, elections, agriculture and handicrafts and vocational training
The purpose of AWN try to attract members for Afghan Women's Network Afghan Women is to bring together their efforts in order to gain their rights, Capacity development and coordination of these activities.
Consequently AWN anticipates joining the Afghan Women's Network to strengthen unity to achieve the lofty goals indeed to get the actual position of women in Afghanistan.